Casting Call

970 Design is a creative agency based in the Vail valley. Our clients span nationally across all industries and often have photography and videography needs for various projects. That’s where you come in!

We are looking for extras for an upcoming commercial/photoshoot we are shooting around Vail, CO. These roles require no experience and we’re looking for individuals of all shapes, sizes, races, disabilities, etc to help us fill the background of scenes (or even a main role). Yes, that means YOU! This is an opportunity to represent your local community.
By filling out this form you are indicating you are interested in being contacted for this opportunity. Filling out this form in no way guarantees your selection for this project. If you are right for a project (as determined by our director) we will contact you with a project/role description and more details. Roles are both volunteer based or some offering compensation.


Having Trouble? Email your application or questions to with the subject “VAIL EXTRAS – [your name]”

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Please upload a recent photo(s) of yourself Below:

Please upload any recent photos of yourself (selfie, headshot, full body, etc). If you have trouble using this form, you can provide your social media profile below (must be public) or email your photos to with the subject "VAIL EXTRAS - [your name]"

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We're looking for people of all ages, shapes and sizes, races, abled and disabled, unique and plain old vanilla. These questions are optional and just designed to help us get to know you. The more info you can provide, the more likely we are to contact you if you are a good fit.
Are you a teenager with Bike Tricks/Skills?
Tell us about the kind of tricks you can do. Can you pop a wheelie? How Long can you hold it? Can you ride on one wheel? Can you do bunny hops? Can you ride down stairs? Anything else we should know about your rad bike skills?
Are you any of the following and own clothing/gear for the activity?
Would you like us to save your information to be considered for future photo/video projects?