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The former Doubletree Hilton came to 970 Design with a real dilemma: They needed to reestablish their location–which used to be a Holiday Inn–to a new luxury brand befitting the multi-million dollar investment the company had made in revitalizing the property. In short, they wanted to change everything about how customers viewed their property, and they wanted to do it through the creation of an all-new, one-of-a-kind soft brand. And we were up to the challenge.

Starting with our in-depth discovery sessions, we focused on developing the new brand under the title “Highline,” a name that simultaneously emits the feeling of world-class service and elegance while paying homage to one of the area’s most well-known ski trails.


From there, we went to building a brand that spoke to the best aspects of the property–its otherworldly patio, its stunning common area, rooms that are uniquely capable to handle large parties–with imagery and design work that mixed aspects of the elegance of European ski resorts with the natural beauty of the American West. Finally, we packaged it all in a brand kit replete with social media and messaging suggestions so that the Highline will be able to replicate and maintain their marketing efforts for years to come, and in doing so, become a truly iconic locale in the Vail Valley.

Doubletree Hilton came to 970 Design with a real dilemma. How to change the what-used-to-be the Holiday Inn near the Vail Valley to a high-end ski resort. Rebranding the Doubletree Hilton to a soft brand, known as the Highline, we were able to put them back on the map. Highline redefines your mountain vacation. It brings modern esthetics to the naturally stunning setting of the Vail Valley and offers an approachable yet refined take on the mountain town experience. It pairs an elevated sensibility with both sleek design and at-home comfort. In short, Highline helps everyone from families to young professionals Discover True Vail.