Hovey & Harrison

A communal space where local, whole, seasonal ingredients are used to craft good food that harmonizes with planet & community.

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  • Edwards, CO

Hovey & Harrison has become a gathering place for Eagle County. Part wine bar, part coffee bar, part locally sourced market and restaurant, and part bakery, Hovey & Harrison is unlike anywhere else in the area; a place where locals and visitors alike can do everything from taking cooking classes to getting a quick grab-and-go meal to setting up a remote workspace. The business has breathed new life into the entire Edwards Corner neighborhood, and in doing so, already become inextricably woven into the fabric of the community in the two years since it opened. But Hovey & Harrison was just a dream when Gretchen Hovey and Molly Harrison approached 970 Design.

Two local entrepreneurs who had become lynchpins in the local food scene over the years–Gretchen by running a fresh fruit stand and hosting catered, pop-up dinners throughout town, Molly as a phenomenal baker who also happened to run a side-hustle delivering prepped meals. They wanted to launch a concept unlike anything else in the Vail Valley–and entrusted 970 to handle the entirety of their branding from concept to completion. Heck, we even ran a successful Kickstarter to get them there.

See it live

We created additional marketing materials to establish “The H&H” as an identity so our brand didn’t sound too law office-y. Now, when someone in the Vail Valley says they’re grabbing a quick bite at The H&H, everyone knows what they’re talking about.

Let's Get Cooking