Norcap Investment Management

web, ux, ui, development


NorCap Investment Management approached 970 Design with a challenge: Create a website that was as inventive and state-of-the-art as the brand’s investment tactics. With that in mind, we went to work building a website that focused on the thing that has always been NorCap’s calling card: outstanding results.

We developed a website focused around a sitemap that was elegant, minimalistic, and clean so as to help retain the attention of users on the benefits NorCap could provide with their investment strategies. We made sure it was easy for any prospective customers to contact a NorCap professional to help the company increase referrals through their web presence. And, finally, we designed a website that presented just as beautifully on mobile as it did on desktop so that current customers of NorCap could access their investment portfolio with the company even if they were on the run. The end result was a web presence befitting one of the most forward-thinking investment firms in the country.