The mountain in front of us can feel insurmountable. Each step toward the summit riddled with difficulty; unforeseen problems, retraced paths, and frozen toes. Mentally, it becomes more difficult, and the mountaintop can feel unreachable. But with a helpful push from our fellow climbers, the journey doesn’t have to feel so daunting. Hand in hand, we assist each other up and the peak becomes just a little bit closer.

In these times, we learn to be more flexible. To value teamwork. We find out we are tough and capable. In the last month, every small business was dropped on a mountain without a map. Very few had planned for the expedition ahead, but so many are responding with courage and grace. At 970 Design, we have never been so proud and inspired by our clients.

From the beginning, we have been fortunate to work with passionate and value-driven organizations. Our clients treat their employees well, love their customers, and have brands with meaning. These are the best people to be on a mountain with. None of them are operating business as usual, and the journey has been unquestionably challenging for most, but they are all finding a way.

  • Phunkshun is making masks by the thousands for your home, essential workers, and the state.
  • H&H is feeding medical workers and cooking up bread and soup for the local Salvation Army.
  • DockDogs are jumping dogs online and inventing new ways to participate.
  • WinterWonderGrass has been dropping never-before seen footage. 10th Mountain is making hand sanitizer.
  • Moe’s BBQ is still smokin! They are playing good tunes and creating comfort food across the country.
  • Community Builders is working with leaders across the state to prepare for rebuilding.
  • Vail Valley Foundation is adjusting daily so the Vail community can rebound smoothly.
  • Denver Beer Company, O&A, and Bearded Man Coffee are delivering goods straight to our homes.
  • Sonnenalp, Chateau, Drunken Goat, Vintage Magnolia, Warren Miller, Craftsman, Root and Flower, Mountain Soul Yoga, Vin 48, SStS, Squash Blossom, Cobalt, Sage, Jacobs Interior, Creative Floors, Vail Jazz, Maverick Entertainment, BHHS, Ojo Caliente, (and so many more) are operating at new levels to take care of community needs while remaining true to core values.

Each and every business is doing its part to help our community up the peak. In the end, we are one big community, and that is what communities do. (Plus, celebrating on the summit alone is never fun). We, your team at 970, are also here for you during these tough times. We have maintained our entire team. We are adjusting by the day. If you need marketing, assistance, or have a project in mind, we are happy to help. Please reach out to us! This is just another mountain in our journey, and man, have we climbed a lot of mountains.