We Are Happy Not To Be a "Normal" Creative Agency

This is normally the section where most creative agencies will tell you how GROUNDBREAKING and PROGRESSIVE they are because they employ TOTALLY FUTURISTIC practices like stocking a beer fridge in their conference room or allowing pets in the office.

Look, we aren’t here to besmirch beer or dogs. Beer is tasty and dogs are fun, and while we do happen to enjoy the occasional adult beverage in the office (and are very pet-friendly) we realize small novelties like that don’t really make a creative agency any different from the litany of other agencies where employees show up to work in a suit-and-tie every day.

How many other creative agencies do you know that can find a solid electrical outlet and WiFi signal in the middle of an open field???

To really be different, you have to change how you operate, from top-to-bottom. And that’s just what we’ve done here at 970 Design. How so? Well, for starters we don’t pitch clients. Like, at all. Not one iota. Not even a little bit.

Have you caught your breath? Has your world stopped spinning? If not, please, seek medical attention. If it has–well, we’re glad you’re in good enough health for us to explain our rationale.

Sending out countless RFP responses would definitely help us bring in a ton of business, and in turn, make us a whole boatload of money. But it would also, almost definitely, lead to shoddy work below our standards.

We don’t send RFP responses because we view any potential client relationship as just that–an ongoing relationship. And so, to know how to really fulfill your needs, we want to meet and get to know you. It can be as simple as a cup of coffee or a video conference, but for us, it’s paramount to sit down, understand who our clients are and what they want and, ultimately, if we’re the right agency for them. Is this the best strategy to make oodles of money and eventually achieve world domination? No, probably not. Is it the best strategy to keep our clients and employees happy? We sure think so.

Speaking to that latter part, we go above and beyond to make sure that our team is happy. We give our employees the utmost personal freedoms–that means remote-working capabilities, allowing people to take the mid-day yoga break if they need it, not working people backbreaking hours each week, and employing the Holacracy management style (more on that later) so that everyone feels equal on the team. Creative work requires, well, creativity, and we know the best way to make the work we create for you really stand out is to keep those making it happy.

There are a slew of other ways we’re different from other creative agencies (how many other creative agencies spend their company retreats trudging through the frozen backcountry midwinter for fun?) but the only way for you to really appreciate it is to reach out or stop by our office in beautiful Edwards, Colorado. And yes, we’ll keep the beer fridge stocked for when you come.