Branding, Marketing Strategy, Web Design

Offering a contemporary interpretation of classic mountain architecture, Basecamp on Beaver Creek features 15 unique residences designed with careful attention to detail. Wood and stucco give the exterior a sleek, sophisticated feel, while oversized windows allow for awe-inspiring views and ample amounts of natural light. Open floor plans add an element of spaciousness, and cantilevered decks serve up front-row views of the cascading Eagle River below. 

branding & marketing collateral

With a friendly name like Basecamp, we wanted to ensure that the sleekness and luxurious vibe of the development was represented in the brand. Thin lines, rich blacks, and minimal type helped achieve a polished and modern look. Creating a die-cut folder that mimicked the logo itself, holds a informational leave-behind, pricing sheets, and site plan cards.


Basecamp is a newly established development at the base of Beaver Creek. The brand’s identity includes a mountain-like symbol with a structured “base” at the bottom to represent the location of Basecamp itself paired with a thin, modern sans-serif. The brand’s visual language is extended through a combination of black and white imagery and slick renderings of the development. 

marketing strategy

We drew naming inspiration from the fact that this development sits directly at the base of Beaver Creek. A basecamp is a commonplace for adventurers and explorers to find shelter, supplies, etc. We thought the friendliness of the word itself would be way to attract mountain-lovers and offset the modern vibe of the development itself. From the die-cut custom folder, to the Airstream wrap, to the informational leave behind, all pieces were carefully crafted together to be welcoming, yet stylish, and to invite buyers to learn more about the history of the land, the Vail Valley lifestyle, and the space that could become their future home.

responsive design

Creating a website that included all of the marketing materials in digital form was important. Every piece has a place on the site — from floor plans, to site plans, to finishing details, all are easily accessible in a digital format. Making sure these materials are readily available to all users ensured that any demographic can quickly sign up for email notifications, find detailed development information, etc. from their phone, tablet, or desktop.

In 1886, pioneer ranchman George A. Townsend staked his claim on a 160-acre parcel of land at the confluence of Beaver Creek and the Eagle River. Nestled between the town of Avon and the present-day entrance of Beaver Creek Ski Resort, Townsend’s ranch was an alpine wonderland surrounded by aspens, mountain streams and high-country panoramas.

In 2016, an acclaimed team of designers, architects and builders have collaborated to provide a mountain modern update on Townsend’s historic site. Basecamp on Beaver Creek is the Valley’s newest luxury real estate development, featuring 15 distinctive townhomes that combine 21st-century living with the same sense of untamed beauty that beckoned settlers like Townsend 130 years ago.