Eat Drink Dish!

Creative Direction, Consulting, Design, Development, E-Commerce



Eat!, Drink!, Dish and Cut are redefining fine dining. Boasting fresh markets and sophisticated restaurants, Eat Drink!, Dish, and Cut is a restaurant group specializing in fare that is at once elegant and refined while also down-to-earth and comfortable. Whether you’re picking up delicious, organic meats from Cut, fine artesian wines and cheeses from Eat! Drink!, or dining in at Dish, your taste buds are in for a treat. This tri-fold brand adeptly straddles the line between encouraging individuality and remaining uniquely intertwined.

We believe that every day should be savored to the fullest.


four websites, one platform

As an emerging restaurant enterprise, it is essential that Eat! Drink! has the ability to easily publish content in one platform for all restaurants.


single platform

Custom WordPress CMS allows for seamless management of all four restaurants.


restaurant & food management

970 created a simple interface that can be easily updated by the client, giving Eat! Drink! Dish and Cut the ability to constantly keep their website fresh.



Our intuitive, custom-built online reservation system makes planning a meal easy for both customer and restaurant.