Green Elephant Juicery

Photography, Web Design, Development


Cold-pressed juice is just that: cold and pressed. At Green Elephant Juicery, we cold-press our juice using state of the art, two-stage juicers. Our lil’ guy is the Norwalk Press, and its big brother is the Good Nature X-1 Juicer. Due to the lack of high temperatures in the grinding process, our cold-pressed juices remain nutrient-rich for several days after bottling. The juice is separated from the pulp during pressing, allowing each bottle to be filled with significantly more produce than it would have had the pulp been left in. After pressing, the pulp is drained to the point that it’s dry to the touch.


responsive web design

Responsive web design enables Green Elephant Juicery clients to access tasty juice and healthy options from their desktop, tablet or mobile device.


At 970 Design, we gathered our creative expertise to direct and photograph all the food, juice and lifestyle images featured throughout the website.



Simple CMS management enables Green Elephant Juicery to take on basic site maintenance in-house, ensuring that content is always fresh and up-to-date.

responsive design

Website is specifically tailored for optimal user experience whether on desktop, mobile or tablet device.


accomodation management

Streamlined client management allows for email signup, delivery options and loyalty app integration.


Our in-house photo services were provided to capture the life of Green Elephant Juicery.

At Green Elephant Juicery, our mission is simple: make it easy for people to eat healthy foods. Our cold-pressed juice is always organic, nutrient-rich and never pasteurized. Truly fresh with a short shelf life, it’s naturally local!