The Broad Foundation

Web Design, Development, Annual Report Design and Production

The Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation advances entrepreneurship for the public good in education, science and the arts. The foundation invests in programs that improve America’s public schools, innovate scientific and medical research, while also increasing public exposure to the visual and performing arts.


responsive design

Making an impact throughout the country, the need for a responsive design was a must with the Broad Foundation. The website allows users to easily access any information that is sought after, whether viewing the information on a hand held mobile device, tablet or desktop. Each experience pronounces itself as elegant, clean and user friendly.



With new investments and projects happening exponentially. We made sure the foundation was equipped with a content management system that would lead the team with confidence into the future of their website. 

responsive design

The website is specifically tailored for optimal user experience whether on desktop, mobile or tablet device. Leaving each user with an effortless experience. While maintaining the brand and company standards.


long term goals

The foundations website was designed with long term goals in mind. Creating a website that would stand the test of time, while also developing something that could grow and develop as the foundation itself continues to do.  


the annual report

We worked closely with the Broad Foundations team of experts to create the 2015 – 2016 Broad Foundations Annual Report. The report consists of a 140 page hardcover book, with an outside vellum cover. Inside lies the detailed investments over the last year that the foundation partook in. We worked to construct a piece of art with this book that visually stimulates the readers eye.