Warren Miller

Web Design, Development

For 66 years, Warren Miller Entertainment has been one of the world’s most successful action sports film companies. Every film serves to inspire skiers and snowboarders with beautiful cinematography from mountains all over the world. The Warren Miller Film Tour serves as the annual kickoff to winter and tours worldwide. 


responsive design

With an international reach, Warren Miller fans are viewing their films and video clips on a variety of devices. Building a responsive design for Warren Miller was a priority to create a the user experience that the fans deserved.


website goals

Warren Miller has a loyal, passionate fan base; creating a interactive, intuitive user experience was at the top of the list. Creating a site that served as a place where fans could access new and fun content, book tickets and interact with one another was a paramount. A priority for this project was building a site that was optimized for ticket sales, film downloads, ad revenue and database collection. A high-performance site with fast load times was always on our mind as we designed and developed. Finally, we felt is was important to highlight the trailer and videos with a fullscreen video experience. 





A Drupal CMS management enables Warren Miller to take on basic site maintenance in-house, ensuring that content is always fresh and up-to-date, while also collecting information from buyers, movie go-ers, and more.

responsive design

Another objective of this particular site was to make sure that it performed quickly on both desktop and mobile devices. Creating a site that was optimal on all devices was key.


long term goals

As always, we wanted to create a site that was user friendly but also encouraged community. Providing options for users to participate in contests, video uploads, and photo sharing was another pertinent part of the project.