Bearded Man Coffee

branding, packaging, copy writing


Bearded Man Coffee came to 970 Design for a brand revamp and packaging that incorporated their beliefs of sustainability and giving back to nature. Bearded Man’s mission is to inspire that pursuit through a craft coffee experience while preserving its very possibility via environmental stewardship and conscientious business practices. Not only is their product the most delicious coffee hands down, but their mission is equally as earnest. With every purchase of Bearded Man Coffee, they donate 5% of each sale to the National Forest Foundation. It was indisputable that introducing the element of nature into Bearded Man’s brand was the only direction to go.


Bearded Man Coffee is craft roasted at 6,000 feet in the Black Forest of Sedalia Colorado. Created by two friends who enjoyed nothing more than to be outdoors and drinking a hot cup of really good coffee.

Autonomy is what life’s all about. Living the way you want to live. Pursuing your goals. Following your dreams. To some of us, this means pouring our hearts into brewing really good coffee so you can pour it into your cups every morning. And just as you take your coffee your own way, we like to make it our own way.”

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