Here at 970 Design we value quality of life, and know that by empowering our staff to live a life they love, they will produce the best possible work for our clients. We give our staff personal freedom. We’re proud to live amongst, and draw inspiration from, the natural beauty of Vail Valley. And we know that the occasional midday ski lap only serves to boost our creativity and efficiency when it’s time to put our noses to the grindstone.

970 Values

At 970 Design we follow a simple motto: do good. That means paying our employees well enough to pursue creative careers in a mountain paradise. That means promoting inclusion and equality in our staff. That means supporting organizations that benefit our local community and protecting the environment that gives us so much joy. And that means partnering with clients who share our moral compass.

When you go out of your way to help others, you create a culture of support. We go above and beyond to not just satisfy the needs of our clients, but the needs of our community. We want to continue working with brands that do the same.

We go through about sixteen cans of La Croix a day as a team.

20 cups of coffee a week

200+ combined days of skiing this winter.

We embark on an annual hut trip to ski in the backcountry. Did we mention we love skiing?

We like bikes too…

One of us owns chickens and another owns a school bus.

We love music, we’ve been to several concerts together!

There are 7dogs here at 970, and our studio is dog-friendly!

We believe happy people are the most creative people.

we speak in gifs on slack.