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we listen to  you your history your audience your market because it's your story


970 Design practices a holistic approach that combines both human insights and data analysis to drive marketing strategies. Insights-driven marketing recognizes the importance of integrating qualitative understanding (human input) with quantitative data analysis to generate actionable insights. It involves gathering customer insights, applying analytical techniques, and using those insights to inform goal creation and marketing tactics.

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Sometimes we get recognition for the things we do.

Our Process

We don’t take a normal agency approach to PARTNERING with clients. We don’t do pitches. We won’t blindly try to sell you on our capabilities before getting to know who you are. If we’re going to tell your story, we need to make sure we can actually, you know, work together. That your brand’s passion and the passion of our agency mirror each other. We aren’t a one-size-fits-all agency, and so we want to take the time to meet with you to make sure it’s a good fit for both parties. If we leave this stage with a signed partnership, all the better. If not, no sweat.

A marketing plan without research is like a ship without a compass. Our DISCOVERY process capitalizes on in-depth, customized research to create a step-by-step roadmap to bring your dreams to life with an unwavering focus on one thing–authenticity. Our storytelling means nothing if it doesn’t ring true to you, your team, and your customers. Once we understand your values, by capturing and refining a litany of market-specific data, we develop a pointed strategy for our partnership and can plan for success.

It’s time for our favorite step, where we put the “DESIGN” in “970 Design.” We take your interests and standards we identified in our introductory phases, and use them to inspire the sensory feel of your entire brand. From the build of your website to the palette of your signage to the phrasing of your email campaigns: We make sure every aspect of your marketing is imbued with the essence of you. After you review our initial designs and marketing strategy to make sure they are true to your story, we finish our last few rounds of design and move onto execution.

Now, we bring your vision to life. The BUILD phase allows you time to relax as our developers go to work writing code, our directors and cinematographers film visuals, and our designers make everything look all pretty. We extensively test and edit everything we create–while building all digital components in a staging environment–to assure the highest level of quality assurance throughout every aspect before anything goes live.

Let’s shout your story from the mountaintops; it’s time to LAUNCH. Prior to anything going live, you have the ability to review all aspects of our work with your team to make sure every ounce of it matches your approval. We will continue internally testing all components for their viability as your team reviews, and once we’ve fine-tuned your product to reflect your desires, we push it out into the world.

No story exists in a vacuum; without a continuous source of air, even the brightest of flames will flicker out. We know that elevating your story is an ongoing endeavor, so we coach you on how to manage your new site, stay up-to-date on modern-day marketing practices, and lay the solid foundation for ongoing success MOVING FORWARD. 970 Design provides hosting, maintenance, and analytics reports for your website as well as ongoing marketing analyses for everything we create as we strive to keep our creative work performing optimally into the future.