Who We Are

a collection of  creatives strategists designers developers who believe in the power of brand

Our Purpose

We exist to provide innovative design solutions that transform and elevate the visual presence and communication of our clients. Through our creative expertise, we aim to enhance brand identity, engage target audiences, and create memorable experiences across both print and digital mediums. We are committed to delivering work that combines aesthetics, functionality, and strategic thinking, ultimately helping our clients achieve their goals and stand out in a competitive market. At 970 Design, we believe in the collaborative power of storytelling and design to make a lasting impact and inspire meaningful connections between brands and their audiences.

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Business as a Force For Good

We guide businesses and brands with a purpose. Over the years we have been lucky to use design thinking to implement change in our local community and with brands around the world. As of 2023, we publicly committed to more than just working with clients that align with our values and were verified by B Lab to meet the highest social and environmental performance standards, accountability, and transparency. After years of implementing company wide changes, we are proud to be a Certified B Corp™.