Elections Matter

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The 2018 election was a big one nationally as well as within Colorado. With the changing political climate and the low turnout numbers of Eagle County Democrats in the 2016 general election, the Eagle County Democrats came to 970 Design to discuss what a campaign strategy might look like for them to encourage Eagle County voters to get to the polls for the 2018 midterm elections. Our work focused on emphasizing how simple the voting process is, and how pivotal midterm elections are.

The ads and posters highlighted the easy four-step process of voting, with eye-catching, emotive illustrations highlighting different issues that pertained to the average Eagle County voter.

970 Design created posters, social assets and full-page ads for the local newspaper. The ads ran weekly inside the newspaper and were posted at in various locations around the county. As a result, the Eagle County Democrats increased midterm turnout amongst registered active voters 7% (a huge amount) and broke all prior democratic turnout records for a midterm election.

“970 Design’s ads made an important contribution to a super robust Get Out The Vote program last fall. Eagle County did amazingly well with turnout, and 970 Design’s work was extremely helpful in driving that, especially within millennials during the last few days of the election. Jared Polis–top of the ticket in 2018– won with 62% of the vote. In 2014, Mark Udall–then the top of the ticket–won with 54% of the vote! That’s a huge swing to the left! ”

— Joy Harrison, Executive Chair, Eagle County Democrats

The tagline "Elections Matter" was adopted to help voters become inspired and educate them on midterm elections.