Moe’s Original BBQ

branding, print, marketing, social media, signage, strategy, photography


Moe’s Original BBQ came to 970 Design in the summer of 2019 with a unique request: They had a sterling brand that had expanded from a tiny operation in the mountains of Vail to more than 60 locations worldwide but realized that–after decades of growth–their brand storytelling had become a bit diluted. They wanted us to help them with a nuts-and-bolts re-evaluation of all aspects of their marketing, but not in a way that was dismissive of the brand’s long standing identity. This project wasn’t a rebranding as much as it was a revitalization.


The framework for our success in this partnership was laid in our one-of-a-kind discovery session, when we decided we needed to guide Moe’s Original BBQ back to their roots and the three pillars of what created such a loyal base of customers: hard work, friends and family, and really good BBQ.

We created branding that was indicative of that mentality, with uniforms that evoked the hardworking philosophy of the company’s founders, signage that was expressive of the fun-loving, welcoming personality of the brand, and iconography that showcased the unique lineage of Moe’s with roots that trace back to both Vail Valley and Alabama.

Brand Kit