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Sonnenalp Vail has been a strong brand for near half a century, and that’s young in comparison to their German-based sister property. With age comes wisdom, and stature but can also bring stagnation. The Sonnenalp came to us with a well-established logo and main brand color. However, over the years the brand stewardship had passed through many hands and just needed a little focus, refinement as well as a proverbial shave and a haircut to clean up and build out the full brand. With the brand, we wanted to capture the old-world warmth and friendliness that you feel seeping out of every door, window, and stein while staying with the Sonnenalp.


The Sonnenalp joined forces with 970 Design to breathe new life into the brand and hone messaging to share the magic of the Sonnenalp with a new generation of families. We began with messaging but moved into creating visuals and collateral to augment the high-quality, warm experience. 970 Design worked on refining their brand.  We looked at the interior of the hotel, carefully crafted and curated with authentic German textiles and artifacts. as well as German folk art for our inspiration while capturing the 5-star, world-class experience the staff brings to their guests for a marriage we like to call Modern-nostalgia. At the end of the project, we built a total of 8 sub-brands for the hotel including The Sonnenalp Club, The Sonnenalp Spa, Ludwig’s Breakfast, King’s Club, Bully Ranch, Swiss Chalet, Harvest, and The Pantry.

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When the small bed and breakfast that inspired the Sonnenalp first opened in Germany in the early years of the 20th century, Vail wasn’t even on the map. As that humble German inn transformed into what would become a celebrated hotel and resort, its founders envisioned bringing their legacy of European hospitality and superior guest service to the United States. In the 1960s, the burgeoning village at the base of the Vail Ski Resort became the ideal location. Vail and Sonnenalp grew up together.

Vail’s Premiere Resort Getaway for Over Four decades

Sonnenalp Club

A semi-private 7,100-yard championship links style golf course located just 15 minutes from renowned Vail, Colorado in the charming town of Edwards. With 160 acres of pristine landscape, the Sonnenalp Club provides a lifestyle for those who seek the purest of golf, dining, family, health, and wellness. At 970, we brand and market all of the top-tier events and activities hosted by the Sonnenalp Club.

Golf Tournament Branding
Sonnenalp Spa
Harvest and the Pantry

Harvest Restaurant & Bar serves an eclectic, internationally-inspired menu using locally-sourced ingredients whenever possible. Harvest’s dining room and patio overlook a beautiful mountain landscape in the Vail Valley. The Pantry, a subsidiary of Harvest, provides counter-service and grab and go items for diners in need of a quick meal.

Treff Cafe