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970 Design successfully revitalized the online presence of Warren Miller Entertainment (WME), a pioneering snow sports media company since 1955. Our team tackled the challenge of modernizing WME’s outdated website, which was previously hampered by limited multimedia capabilities and poor user navigation, leading to a decrease in web traffic and engagement. Alongside the web build and custom development, we have been designing and directing a comprehensive ad campaign for their film launch and ticket sales for the past four years.



Our approach focused on creating a highly functional and intuitive website that not only serves as a central hub for WME’s extensive film tours and online content, but also as a vibrant resource for ski-related information. We integrated features like modern filtration for film tours, a streamlined coupon site to enhance user experience and reduce fraud, and thoughtful branding that echoes the heritage and excellence of ski culture. The result is a dynamic, user-friendly website that honors Warren Miller’s legacy and firmly establishes WME as a leading online publisher in the snow sports world.


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Results & KPI’s

We utilized 1st party data re-targeting through a multi-channel approach including search, discovery, programmatic, Facebook, OTT, Pre-Roll & Youtube to achieve our objectives. We also targeted users in key locations with unique ad sets as well as re-targeting users who had previously shown interest in WME.

In our first year our campaign garnered 82,205 landing page views at a CPA of $1.42. We sold 19,673 tickets and 4,445 memberships. We have been re-hired to execute Warren Millers ad buy every year since.

Customizable looks were created for both the coupon site and the parent site so that the imagery, look, and feel could be updated with each new film.

ski bum days meet a world-class web experience

honoring the legacy of the godfather of ski filmmaking while simultaneously serving as one of the largest, and most visited, online publishers in the snowsports world