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Launch Site


WinterWonderGrass is a unique music experience, with a loyal and growing fan base. The festival is centered around communities in iconic ski towns across the United States. WinterWonderGrass aims to cultivate and nurture the relationship between nature and bluegrass, creating a vehicle for inspiration.

The three-day festival has grown spectacularly from its humble roots as a homegrown festival in an Edwards parking lot to the multi-location experience it is today, and with that meteoric growth came a need to scale up its web capabilities and design.

An Experience Like No Other

Since the first festival in 2013, WinterWonderGrass has quickly grown to a nationwide tour with three legendary locations across the states. The fan base is loyal and the experience at the festival is unparalleled. With the growth, WWG was outpacing the humble experience they had created for themselves online in short order. It was difficult for them to connect the increasing number of locations, as well as the other, smaller events that the WWG team was producing. Though longtime fans knew how to navigate the site to get tickets, their existing site was not easy-to-use for existing and potential festival attendees.

EASE of use was our top priority: Tiny screens and cold fingers needed to be able to access the information we were putting on the site.

The 970 Design team partnered with the WWG team to create an online experience that mirrored the energy, community, and thoughtfulness of the event itself. The structure of the event is complicated, with three venues, several performances, and an array of festival activities outside the concerts available at each venue. 970 Design created user funnels so that concertgoers could easily find info on all the venues, but stay within the funnel they wanted to, once they’d chosen a concert to attend.

We created a dynamic lineup and schedule page that allowed for concertgoers to easily check which artists were playing–and when they were playing–on any device. We created a space for WWG to showcase their amazing photography and video so that potential concertgoers could feel the experience before they ever stepped foot into the Wonderland.