11th Hour Racing

Working to restore the health of our ocean…one degree at a time.

  • Content Strategy
  • Web Design
  • UI + UX
  • Development
  • Newport, RI

11th Hour Racing is working to turn back the hand of time and restore our ocean health so it can be enjoyed by future generations. 970 Design was tasked with creating a website that showcased its three main strategy programs; ambassadors, sponsorships, and grant-giving, while also communicating the organization’s mission and values easily and concisely. The challenge was to migrate the dozens of blogs, past & present grantees, news articles, sponsorships and ambassadors from the old site to the new.


The 970 team worked with 11th Hour Racing to consolidate all blog articles into eight major categories and map out all current content in a way that was digestible to the average user. This saved dozens of hours of copy-pasting into the new site while also producing a new site that was easy to use and on-brand with 11th Hour Racing’s mission.

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We harness the power of sport and philanthropy with an innovative and comprehensive approach through three primary programs.


11th Hour Racing was well know in the sailing and maritine community for thier bright colors, playful illustrations, and energetic brand. With such a large library of graphics and logos to work with, 11th HourRacing felt they were starting to lose control of thier brand’s cohesivness thus fuling some brand confusion within the organization. Collaborating with 970, they we crafted a new brand book, clarifying rules, use cases and updating colors to align with modern web standards. The result? A concise guide preserving brand coherence, ready for distribution to vendors and partners.