GoPro Mountain Games

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The GoPro Mountain Games is the kickoff to summer in the Vail Valley. It draws thousands of spectators and athletes alike from all over the world, and represents the largest celebration of mountain sporting culture in the country, with four days of nonstop competition, concerts, partying, and–of course–dogs taking over Vail. It is a favorite summer event for visitors and locals both young and old.

When the Games partnered with 970 Design, they were looking to make large-scale changes to their website’s design and performance, as well as adding intuitive tools to help eliminate customer confusion.

A celebration of outdoor living

The Mountain Games is a world-renowned festival of music, art, and outdoor competition. The website made up a huge share of the port of entry for all visitors and athletes as it was the hub for everything from making plans to visit the valley, to registering for events to finding what, where, and when events were happening.

The existing website for the Mountain Games site was in desperate need of an update. The website’s design was archaic, and the site’s functionality was nonexistent for most of the tasks it needed to perform, forcing the Mountain Games’ parent company–the Vail Valley Foundation–to mitigate hundreds of calls daily leading up to, and during, the Games. In addition to that backlog of calls, festivalgoers were unable to access the website on their mobile devices while at the Games, leading to large amount of confusion and negative customer feedback from attendees.


We started off our work by developing dynamic map that users could access from anywhere at the Mountain Games with filterable pins so they could can find their favorite vendor or get directions to the starting line of their races. The map represented a groundbreaking component unlike what any other mountain festival offered, and was created to be highly usable on mobile devices while still working well on a desktop to aid in trip planning, ultimately reducing customer confusion and eliminating a major customer service headache for the Vail Valley Foundation.

Beyond the map, 970 Design developed a straightforward website and content strategy for the Games that focused on spreading awareness of the wonderful free concerts offered at the Games and the stories of its competitors. Oh, and did we mention the dogs?