Out & About

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Modern consumers demand modern products. That message has always been true and is now reverberating in the craft beverage industry, where hard, craft seltzers are one of the fastest growing sectors among discerning, health-conscious imbibers who still like to get a little adventurous at times. Out & About Hard Seltzers is made for those consumers. There’s just one catch: The brand doesn’t exist (yet). And that’s where 970 Design comes in.

A soon-to-launch offshoot of Denver Beer Company, 970 Design handled every aspect of branding for Out & About Hard Cider from name exploration to color palette selection to packaging and can design. DBC knew it wanted to create a brand that connected with the values young, active Coloradans value most, and that’s just what we did. We created a brand image that focused on the natural ingredients, low-calorie count, and handcrafted quality of the Out & About, as well as the brand’s sustainable business practices.

Bubbly water with a little kick

Positioning a product for a successful launch in a market as saturated and competitive as the craft beverage industry is no small task. It takes diligent research and thorough attention to every minor detail to make sure your product will resonate with your target demographic. Especially when the product doesn’t even have a name yet.

We identified touchstones that spoke to the millennial Colorodan consumer–outdoor and city adventures, a healthy lifestyle and knowledge of what they consume, and pride in where they reside–and built a brand around them. The name “Out & About” alone conveys a lifestyle of movement, regardless of whether that movement is hiking a 14er or floating around at a friend’s pool BBQ.


We created media assets, wrote copy, and designed a can that spoke to the essence of the responsibly adventurous Colorodan millennial, focusing on Colorado’s boundless natural beauty and the possibilities for exploration therein–think Friday night concerts at Red Rocks followed by Saturday morning runs in the Flatirons.

The color palette we created for Out & About–much like the drink itself–is bright and bubbly, echoing the vibrancy of youthful summer weekends spent in the sunlight. Even our logo creation, font selection, and packaging spoke to the truth of the young, outdoorsy weekend warrior in Colorado–semi-ornate, yet cheeky and approachable.

We come in colors!

The O&A color palette is bright and fancy, so as to grab the attention of buyers walking past it on a shelf and leave a lasting buyer’s impression on them from the minute they crack open a fresh can until the moment they finish their last sip.

Plus, the colors pair well with your favorite river costumes and spring skiing onesies, which is a nice perk.

The Aspirational Colorado Lifestyle

You live in Colorado because of the limitless opportunities it provides you to indulge your interests–whether that’s a weekend rafting the Arkansas or hanging out in Downtown Denver. So Out & About’s marketing reflects that.

The brand imagery shows paddleboarders and dancing festivalgoers alike while the messaging calls attention to important facts about the product–mainly, that it’s light enough to not prevent you from paddleboarding or dancing at music fests! With all the above in place, Out & About is set to launch this summer–and we couldn’t be more excited.