10th Mountain Whiskey & Spirit Company

Logo & Branding, Bottle Designs, Website, Print Collateral, Campaign, Creative Direction, Consulting

logo-10th copy

The 10th Mountain Whiskey and Spirit Company is an extension of the mountain lifestyle, an amalgamation of the old and the new. Generation after generation, men and women alike have shared in a tradition as enduring as the mountains themselves: celebrating life with friends over whiskey. Whether for a day, a lifetime, or somewhere in between, the combination of friends, mountains and spirits brings people together like nothing else.

Our whiskey is dedicated to the soldiers of Colorado’s 10th Mountain Division, a World War II infantry unit specifically trained for the rigorous demands of high alpine combat. Though Colorado’s 10th Mountain Division now exists only in the history books, its spirit lives on in our whiskey, bourbon, gin and vodka, and in those brave souls who live the mountain lifestyle to the fullest every day.



package design – bottles

The bottle shapes and labels were designed with consideration to the incredible natural settings that make Colorado one of the most beautiful places on earth.



responsive web design

Embrace your mountain lifestyle no matter where you are. Experience optimized viewing from any mobile, tablet or desktop device.


web design

As a new brand built on the story of the 10th Mountain Division, the 10th Mountain Whiskey site was created with a simple, image-driven design that pays homage to the company’s rugged and majestic alpine locale.



branding and creative direction

Bold as the soldiers of the 10th Mountain Division, and warm as whiskey shared with friends on a Vail powder day, the 10th Mountain brand culture embodies the mountainous heart of Colorado’s high-country adventure lifestyle.



package design

Brand identity doesn’t just take place on a screen. 970 creates labels and bottles that give consumers a tactile way to experience the spirit of the 10th Mountain culture.





Our custom line of 10th Mountain apparel gives people the opportunity to show their pride for Colorado’s high-alpine adventure lifestyle.



icons – 10th mountain soilder

The 10th Mountain Man has become a symbol of the Vail Valley, encompassing humility, courage, and diversity.  970 worked with these virtues in mind to create custom icons embodying the brand.