Tom Cole Architecture

Creative Direction, Branding, Web Design, Development


A fresh idea, surrounded by a whole lot of passion. That’s how it starts. For Tom’s clients, it’s a dream decades in the making. For Tom, it’s the love of creating a custom mountain home that brings that dream to life. Through it all, Tom thrives on hard work, years of experience, true collaboration with his clients and the humble pursuit of superb architecture.



For Tom Cole, we crafted a logo, branding kit and identity set.



responsive web design

An expert web designer understands the unique needs of both the client and the client’s larger audience. For Tom Cole, we created a particularly image-driven website to capture the enormous scope of his mountain-inspired architecture.

the best designs

Tom Cole Architecture website was featured on the homepage of



Simple CMS management enables Tom Cole Architecture to take on basic site maintenance in-house, ensuring that content is always fresh and up-to-date.

responsive design

Website is specifically tailored for optimal user experience whether on desktop, mobile or tablet device.


accomodation management

Streamlined client accommodation management allows for email signup, delivery options and application integration.